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Private Event Planning

Designed By: Theresa Nguyen


About me

Hi, and Welcome to my page! Little introduction, I am Theresa Nguyen, also known as TC. I am a private event planner, who started freelancing in 2006. At an early age, I start in this field simply driven by a passion and hobby that I truly enjoyed. I decided to pursue my dream by following my heart and attended Art Institute of Philadelphia, graduating with a business degree in 2011. After graduating I realized that I wanted to turn something that I felt so passionate about into a business where I could ultimately create my own name, and my own legacy so TC Events LLC. was born in July of 2011.
I love being inspired by the beauty of the world, art of all sorts, and the inspiration from Love. My strive to be innovative and creating one of a kind work is my ambition and drive. The most gratifying part of my work is seeing my followers and clientele response. Nothing feeds my passion more then seeing all of my clients’ positive and joyous responses when they see the final work/products. It is a Happiness and Love that I can only experience through the heartfelt and emotional expressions of my clients and their guests. It is truly a heart to heart experience and gives such a thrilling feeling that is hard to describe. I love my work and enjoy creating one of kind experiences for others. Bringing a smile and happiness to someone’s face is my ultimate and most important goal. 


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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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